Vintage Music Box Featuring MI Hummel Artwork
Vintage Music Box Featuring MI Hummel Artwork

Vintage Music Box Featuring MI Hummel Artwork

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Working Music Box with Turnkey Function Featuring Hummel Inspired Image

M.I Hummel is a name treasured all over the world. While there was no shortage of products with that name produced at the time, its the vintage pieces that tell the stories and hold the history. This music box features beautiful wood onlays with debossed stripes and the top is an enamel print of two younglings huddled under an umbrella. There is some confusion as to the title, some claim it as 'Love Story' and others 'Young Rainfall'. Turn the key then open the box to play what we believe is the tune of 'Raindrops Falling on My Head', which coincides with the date of the box ranging from 1972-1977.

This is a music box only, with no space for baubles, and it has retained the glass pane over the music piece itself. As with all the music boxes, we encourage the new owner to play it often-either during the rainy moments or as a lullaby.

Approximately: 42 x 3.1 x 2.5" a 7.7 oz

Notes From CurioStar: This item remains to be in vintage condition. As depicted in the photos and video, there are numerous scratches on the wood, including at least one minor gash on one of the lower corners. The top art piece is also faded and has sustained scuffs. CurioStar does not restored onlay pieces, but we did provide a good cleaning and polishing!

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