Musical Streetcar Decanter Set Vintage Luxury Metal Assembly
Musical Streetcar Decanter Set Vintage Luxury Metal Assembly

Musical Streetcar Decanter Set Vintage Luxury Metal Assembly

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9 Piece Full Metal Luxury Musical Decanter Street Car Set

Setting itself up as the ultimate bar addition, this 9 piece decanter set is truly a treasure! The set is comprised of 6 shot glasses and two bubble-texture decanter bottles. Beneath is a wind key that plays the tune 'How Dry I am' when either of the two bottles are removed and will stop when either bottle is returned. The interior of the bottle cavity is lined on the sides with leather-textured tin walls above a felt base. Texture is a key design theme here, from its smooth black frame to metal sheet 'windows'.

All of this seems fairly humdrum until you inspect the piece for the first time, only to realize that it was crafted without an ounce of plastic! Aluminum cast, steel, copper, brass, and iron alloy make up the entirety of the trolley itself. This means it will last through many parties, and many generations! Even the two decals (removed for cleaning) are of a foil material.

This piece weighs about 6 pounds (including glass). Each of the 4 wheels do rotate, but not freely (wouldn't want the cart to go fairing down to the floor).

Approximately: 13.5 x 4 x 8" at 5.9 lbs (decanters: 3 x 6")

Notes From CurioStar: This beautiful set is not without its imperfections. The top plating has begun to fade (the shiny base just below the shot glasses) depicted in the 7th picture. We suspect a very thin layer of foil plating had been added. It still displays a wonderful shine, just be sure to wipe it down with a micro fiber cloth every so often.

We removed the 'Gin' and 'Scotch' decals so as to properly restore the piece. If you wish, use a water soluble adhesive to attach them along the brass lining of the trolley's center, over the pins. The original corks have since disintegrated over time, so you will receive the two corks in the photos, plus 2 spares.

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