Mini Mortar/Pestle and Stash Box
Mini Mortar/Pestle and Stash Box

Mini Mortar/Pestle and Stash Box

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Miniature Mortar & Pestle With Teak Wood Stash Box

While hey originally were not paired together, we knew that these two deserved each other. The piece on the left is an adorable miniature mortar and pestle crafted from uncompromised wood. It works just like a regular sized masher! To the right is a beautiful miniature box made from Teak wood with a checkered inlay. The lid smoothly slides open to reveal a curved wall cavity large enough for your favorite ring or used as a stash box. 

Approximately: (Mortar/Pestle) 2 x 16" a 13 oz (Box) 1.7 x 2 x 1.3 at 1.1 oz

** This is a CurioStar Restored Item! **

The miniature mortar and pestle seemed almost incomplete. The mortar was still blocky from crafting, and the exterior was stained with dust/grime. We sanded both pieces down to a smooth surface, applied an oil wipe and (2) food-safe wax coats.

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