Golf Themed Shadow Box Diorama Vintage Wall Décor
Golf Themed Shadow Box Diorama Vintage Wall Décor

Golf Themed Shadow Box Diorama Vintage Wall Décor

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2.3 lb Framed Golf-Themed Diorama An Excellent Gift for the Beloved Golfer

This articulated piece is an excellent addition to a golf-themed décor arrangement, meant to celebrate both success on the green as well as golf's rich history. It features several vintage-themed baubles from aluminum cast golf clubs and trophy to faux photographs of the sport's pastime. Its weight is attributed to ceramic resin sculptures of a golfer's attire and accessories all within a wood frame with a wall-attachment hardware on the back. The shadow box is dated between 1996-1999. 

Approximately: 11.5 x 2 x 7.8" at 2lbs, 3 oz

**This is a CurioStar Restored Item! **

Notes From CurioStar: Although restored, this piece remains in vintage condition, displaying several signs of fading, as depicted. If either of the golf clubs come away, simply secure them with another hot glue application. 

Compared to the last photo in the listing, I hope I gave this vintage piece many more years to delight. This was a 24 hour restoration challenge, starting with the frame; which was originally painted a dull lime green that had since faded and chipped. I sanded it down, applied a home-made chestnut stain followed by (2) wax coatings. The aluminum cast trophy and golf clubs were polished, providing far more detail. I then repainted both the background and the interior accessories while attempting to give them each a vintage aesthetic. The original hot glue holding the golf clubs had yellowed, and was re-applied. The backing of the piece required several wood-filler applications, as depicted. While there remain a few notable mistakes as depicted, I think the 24 hr challenge was a success!

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